Academic Profile

Parzheen Sh.Mohamad Aziz

برزين شيخ محمد عزيز

Assistant professor
Erbil Technical Management College
Department of Accounting
[email protected]
General Specialization
Specific Specialization
Cost and Managerial Accounting
Erbil- Minara city


Name: Assistant professor Dr.Parzheen Sh. Mohammad

Adress: Erbil-minara city


Email: [email protected]

            [email protected]

Qualification: University of salahaddin/college of Economic& Administration/Accounting Dep. University of Baghdad /college of Economic& Administration/ Accounting Dep. 

Ph.D  University of salahaddin/college of Economic& Administration/Accounting Dep. 

From 2015-till now: Polytechnic university/ technical college of management/Acc.Dep.Teaching of post graduate subject: Cost accounting ,managerial accounting. Teaching of fourth year subject: Managerial Accounting , participating of different committees.

From 2011-2015: technical college of management /Acc. Dep. Teacing of first subject: Accounting principle in English , third subject:

Cost Accounting ,forth subject: Managerial accounting. (from 1/10/2012 – 1/10/2013) head of department

From 2008-2011 Baghdad university , higher institute of Accounting and financial studies. Teaching of second class, subject: Advanced cost accounting, participating of examination and scientific committees, participating in evaluating committees.

From 1994-2009:

 University of salahaddin/college of Economic& Administration/Accounting Dep. Teaching of first class subject: financial mathematic, accounting principle in English, accounting principle in Arabic third subject: cost accounting, information accounting system, forth subject managerial accounting, advanced cost accounting. (From 1996-2001 the decider of department).