Academic Profile

Najat Jabbar Ahmed Berwary

پ. ی. د. نەجات جەبار بەروارى

Assistant professor
Erbil Technical Health and Medical College
Department of Medical Laboratory
[email protected]
General Specialization
Medical Laboratory Technology
Specific Specialization
Medical immunology
Erbil Health and Medical Technology College Erbil Polytechnic University - Iraq.



  Najat Jabbar Ahmed Berwary, born inKerkuke, Iraq in 04/04/1968. I received my high school study in Erbil, then bachelor's and master's degrees in Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT) at Baghdad- Iraq 2003 and 2007 respectively. While I got my PhD degree in Bio-science from the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), Malaysia in  2014. I got an assistant professor degree in 2018 and now, I'm Head of the Medical Laboratory Department at the College of Erbil Technical Health College. I'm a specialist in Medical Laboratories, I have  35 years of experience in medical laboratories and clinical Immunology. 

My main areas of research interest are autoimmune disease and clinical chemistry.

Research Area: Autoimmune disease including Antibodies that are related to diabetes, Anti-H Pylori Abs that causes molecular mimicry (Anti-H Pylori induced thrombocytopenia, Anti-H Pylori induced infertility through killing or deactivating sperms among male and females), pseudo thrombocytopenia induced by in vitro hypersensitivity by using EDTA. Recently, I'm interested in infertility and abortion-related immunological causes. I'm also interested to find the presence or the dominance of certain HLA in some diseases.

Positions and Employment

2019 -           Head of Medical Laboratory Technology / Health Technical College. EPU.

2014 - 2019  Head Head of scientific affairs / Health Technical College. EPU.

2008-2009    Head Head of Medical Laboratory Technology/ Medical Institute- Erbil. EPU.

1990-2004    worked at Medical laboratories at Ministry of Health.