Academic Profile

Khaleel Hasan Younis

خليل حسن يونس

Assistant professor
Erbil Technology College
Department of Survey and Road Construction Department
[email protected]
General Specialization
Civil Engineering
Specific Specialization
Structural Materials
Erbil- Kurdistan region/Iraq Kirkuk Road


Dr. Khaleel H. Younis started his academic career in June 2000. Before that, he worked as site and supervisor engineer for three years in construction projects in Kurdistan- Iraq.  The first academic institute he worked for was the Erbil Technology Institute (ETI) at Erbil polytechnic university (EPU) and he is still working for this institute. During this time he worked as academic staff, head of department assistant and head of department. Currently he is the head of the center of pedagogical training and academic development. 


In general, he is interested in concrete technology advances and engineering as both material behaviour and structural performance. His research interests include the development of innovative approaches and design methods for using recycled materials in the production of structural concrete to enhance the eco-environmental performance of concrete structures. Also, he works on investigating the time dependent behaviour of different kind of concrete made with recycled materials such as recycled concrete aggregate, recycled steel fibre and recycled rubber. The aim is to develop new sustainable concrete mixtures to be used by the construction industry and included in the design philosophy and guidelines of different structural elements.


He is particularly interested in the free and restrained shrinkage behaviour of different kind of concrete such as conventional, self-compacted, roller compacted, steel fibre reinforced concretes. His PhD included a contribution in developing a new rig and test method for assessing the post restrained shrinkage mechanical properties of concrete. Dr. Khaleel is also interested in the transport mechanisms of concrete including: permeation, diffusion and sorption.