Academic Profile

Jabbar Majeed Sadeq

جبار مجيد صادق حسين

Assistant Lecturer
Erbil Technology College
Department of Information and Communication Technology
[email protected]
General Specialization
Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Specific Specialization
Electronic and Control Engineering
Erbil- Hawleri Nwe


Committee Name Level Date Docs
Department Committee College/Institute 2022-09-28
Scientific Committee College/Institute 2022-09-28
ليزنةي كريني ئاميري تاقيكة College/Institute 2022-12-07
ليزنةي هةلسةنكاندني برؤزةكان College/Institute 2022-10-30
ليزنةي بيداجونةوة بة برؤكرامي خويندن College/Institute 2022-09-12
Examination committee- Spring semester College/Institute 2023-05-16
Examination committee- Fall- semester College/Institute 2022-09-12