Academic Profile

Zanear Shwan Ahmed

زانیار شوان احمد

Erbil Technology College
Department of Information and Communication Technology
[email protected]
General Specialization
Computer Engineering
Specific Specialization
Pattern Recognition
Erbil-Koya Road


Zanear Shwan Ahmed is a full-time lecturer at Information and communication technology department in Erbil Polytechnic University. He has a Msc in Computer Engineering from  Computer Engineering Department at Eastern Mediterranean University in Cyprus Region (Turkey), 2015. He is interested in research in IT and Computer Engineering Field and he has several publications in this field. His publications focused on Image Processing, Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning.

He got BSc in software engineering from College of Engineering, Koya University, Koya. His project was about Web application For Traffic System Management.

Zanear has joined Erbil Technology Institute as an engineer in 2010 then he went further in higher education to get a MSc in 2013.

Zanear has started teaching since he received his undergraduate degree, BSc in Software engineering in 2009. He taught Computer Applications in some different departments.  After getting a master’s degree in Computer engineering (2009), he continued working as an assistant lecturer in IT Department. he taught Fundamental of programming language using C++ for the first-year and Object Oriented Programming OOP for the second-year then Database Concepts and database management system for both first and second year undergraduate students. The teaching included both theoretical classes and laboratory practical.

He has also supervised undergraduate students in their final year graduation projects along with teaching.

Zanear Changed his Scientific title from assist Lecturer to Lecturer by following the rules of Erbil Polytechnic University in 2021.