Academic Profile

Tavga Mahdi Azeez

تافكة مهدى عزيز

Erbil Technical Management College
Department of Accounting
[email protected]
General Specialization
Accounting and Financial
Specific Specialization
Financial accounting


Full name: Tavga Mahdi Azeez                                    

Gender: female 

Address: Kurdistan Region-Erbil 

Nationality: Iraqi-Kurd

E-mail: tavga.azeez

Mobile number: +964 750 462 28 72

Status: Married 

Master Degree in Accounting, Accounting technique Department, Erbil Polytechnic administration collage, Erbil polytechnic university  (2015-2017) 

Major areas of study: international accounting ,advance financial accounting, accounting theory, advance cost accounting, financial management, auditing, computer accounting information system, petroleum accounting, insurance accounting, hotel accounting, hospital accounting, agriculture accounting, bank accounting  

My research title (Accounting disclosure Between international standard (IASS/IFRSS)and Iraqi accounting Rules, and its effects on the fundamental characteristics on the quality of accounting information