Academic Profile

Srood Jalal Othman


Assistant Lecturer
Khabat Technical Institute
Department of Information Technology
[email protected]
General Specialization
Civil engineer
Specific Specialization
Civil engineer


Personal Information

·        Nationality: Iraqi.

·        Marital status: Married.

·        Gender: Male.

·        Place of Birth: Erbil, Iraq.

·        Date of Birth: 19/07/1975.

·        Mobile Number: +964-750-462 39 66

·        Permanent address: Erbil- Azady.

·        Language: Kurdish, Arabic, Turkish, English.

·        Email:

Education and Certificates

·        Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering from Sallahadin University on date 2000-2001.

·        Master degree in Civil Engineering from Gazi University/Turkey on date 2004-2005.

Experience and Skills

·        Programming Languages (Microsoft office,Visual Basic, C#, SQL servers, AutoCAD, Sketch up and Lumion).