Academic Profile

Sheeraz Majeed Ameen

شیراز مجید امین

Assistant Lecturer
Koya Technical Institute
Department of Petroleum (Chemical Analysis)
[email protected]
General Specialization
Civil Engineering
Specific Specialization
37 Zanko Street Koya university compass Koya/Erbil/Kurdistan Region/Iraq


Sheeraz Majeed Ameen is an Academic Staff in Erbil polytechnic university//Koya Technical institute. Currently she is working as Head of department Petroleum Technology/Chemical -Analysis.

She received her B.Sc. in Irrigation -Civil Engineering department at the college of Engineering / Sulaimani university. And completed her M.Sc. in 2017 at the School of Engineering - civil engineering department / Istanbul University in civil structure & infrastructure engineering.

Where she was working on Hydraulic structures & Dam’s design. She is also interested in Fluid mechanic, waste water treatment, Water supply and sewerage, Waste Management and Environment.

She works in different positions after BSc graduation she was civil engineer-Contractor supervisor on Qaladza water treatment plant in 2006-2008. And civil engineer-supervisor on many buildings in koya university. In 2008-2014 She was demonstrator at Koya university-Civil engineering department, lecturing in many lessons and laboratory classes like (Engineering drawing by hand & Auto CAD – Fluid mechanics).

In 2014-till now working at Koya technical institute in Petroleum Technology department , lecturing in many practical and theoretical classes (Engineering drawing – Fluid mechanics –  petroleum Wastewater –Health Safety &Environment- Petroleum refinery).

She was membership in many boards and scientific establishments currently she is member in ACI Kurdistan Chapter Board.