Academic Profile

Sevan Hussein Ali

سيفان حسين علي

Erbil Technology College
Department of Information and Communication Technology
[email protected]
General Specialization
Specific Specialization
Laser and Communications
Erbil Polytechnic University/ Erbil Technology College/ ICT Dept.


(Sevan H. Ali) received (Master of Since, Laser Communication) in (Practical Field of Physics) from (Salahaddin University) and started as a Ph.D student at 2019 until now in Communication at Salahaddin University/ College of Science/ Physics Dept. She is currently teaching Digital Signal processing/ 4th semester and Electronic Circuits (2nd semester/ ICT) at (Erbil Technological College). Her professional interests focus on (Communication, Laser, Thin films, semiconductors) and her current projects include (Communication and Electronics). In addition, she serves as (Lecturer) for (Electronics and Communication Department, Information& Communication Technology Department), is a member of (ICT Department Council and the Scientific Committee of ICT Department ), and was honored so many times for her contributions to her work.