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Nzar Ali Ameen Shwan

نزار علي امين شوان

Erbil Technical Health and Medical College
Department of Medical Laboratory
[email protected]
General Specialization
Specific Specialization
Genetics and Molecular Biology
Erbil - Rasti Qr. - Pirbal Mahmud Street, Erbil, Iraq هه‌ولێر - گه‌ڕه‌كی ڕاستی - شه‌قامی پیرباڵ


BSc in Biology, University of Salahaddin 2003; MSc in Molecular Biology, University of Duhok 2010: Ph.D. in Medical Genetics, University of Nottingham (United Kingdome) 2018.Lecturer of Human Genetics and Molecular Biology at Erbil Technical Health College, EPU (2019-present). Assistant lecturer of Molecular Biology, Scientific Research Centre/ University of Salahaddin (2010-2013).

Early Researcher of Excellence Award in recognition of outstanding research contributions by the School of Life Sciences postgraduate committee (July 2017), University of Nottingham United Kingdome.

Teaching summary

Genetics and Molecular Biology

Research summary
Genomic alterations in human brain tumours.

Human Genome Analysis and Genetic Diversity.

Copy number variation in the human genome.