Academic Profile

Nihro Asaad Abdullah

نهرۆ ٲسعد عبدالله

Assistant Lecturer
Khabat Technical Institute
Department of Legal Administration
[email protected]
General Specialization
Public Law
Specific Specialization
Criminal Law
Mamostayan 2, 40 meter street, Erbil,Kurdistan Region,Iraq


     I studied law because it is a science that serves the community and provides security and justice in it. I believe that society remains with poverty but does not remain without justice. 

   I have finished my undergraduate study degree in the department of Law in College of Law and Politic sciences at the University of Saladin in Erbil in academic year (2008- 2009),

   I have finished my post graduate study (M.Sc. in Public Law (Criminal Law) in College of Law and Politic Sciences  at the University of Saladin in 2014.

   At moment, I am working as Head of Food Security and Public Health department and Teaching Staff at the same department / Khabat Technical Institute/ Erbil Polytechnic University.