Academic Profile

Kalthum Khalid Ahmed

كلثوم خالد احمد

Erbil Technical Health and Medical College
Department of Medical Laboratory
[email protected]
General Specialization
Kurdish Language
Specific Specialization
Applied Linguistics
Erbil Health Technical College Erbil - Rasti Qr. - Pirbal Mahmud Street هه‌ولێر - گه‌ڕه‌كی ڕاستی - شه‌قامی پیرباڵ مه‌حمود


Kalthum Khalid Ahmed holds BA in Kurdish Language from the University of Salahaddin - Erbil in 2012 and MA in Applied Linguistics from the University of Salahaddin - Erbil  in 2017. She has lately got her PhD in 2023 from the University of Salahaddin - Erbil. Kalthum is an academic lecturer and head of Registration Department at Erbil Health and Medical Technical College, Erbil Polytechnic University.