Academic Profile

Hussein Ali Ibrahim

حسين علي أبراهيم

Assistant Lecturer
Erbil Technology College
Department of Automation Industrial Technology
[email protected]
General Specialization
Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Specific Specialization
Power Systems
Iraq - Erbil


Born in Kerkuk 1967, graduated from University of Salahadeen_College of Engineering in 1987 with average marks of 78.33%..His MSc was in 2010 after Processional Experiences of 20 years with most significant National and International agencies (Gallala Group, Emergency Surgical center, Erbil Fuel, UNDP _ CPO_SCR986 and Washington International). He has many recommendations and certifications from International experts.

Tools used by the lecturer to reinforce the education level of electric department students

YouTube:  PLC _ Kurdish Language      Networks      Power Electronics _Kurdish Language

CDs( Downloadable):-            BEC _ 2002                          Power Electronics _2010