Academic Profile

Haval Ahmad Abdulrahman

هڤال احمد عبدالرحمن

Erbil Technology College
Department of Information Technology
[email protected]
General Specialization
Specific Specialization
Iraq- Erbil- New Zanko Village


I graduated from the university of in soul in 1994, and worked in the field of practical work within the United Nations organization and then was appointed at the Technical Institute of Erbil and through the post completed the studies in the field of computer sciences degrees of higher diploma and master of the university of Salahaddin in Erbil and held several position at the Technical Institute of the decision Department and head of scientific department and I am mow associate dean of the Erbil Technology Institute and through the Job worked scientific and administrative committees belonging to the Institute of technology and Polytechnic University Erbil.