Academic Profile

Ghazala Younes Asaad

غزاله يونس اسعد

Assistant Lecturer
Erbil Technology College
Department of Construction and Materials Technology
[email protected]
General Specialization
Civil Engineering
Specific Specialization
Construction Material
Iraq-Erbil/ Hawari Shar


  1. I graduated from Erbil Technology Institute/ transportation 1997-1998 year .
  2.  I graduated from Erbil Technical College / Construction Engineering Department, in 2010-2011 year.
  3.   I got Master degree from Gaziantep University / Civil Engineering College / Construction Program, in 2014-2015.
  4.   Now I am a lecturer in Erbil Technology College/construction and marital technology  
  5.   I took a course of Engineering Management in Erbil Technology college .
  6.  Now I study the subject soil and foundation concrete technology and engineering mechanic in the construction  and marital technology  department.
  7. at 28/10/2020 I got scientific title and changing the title to assistant lecturer .