Academic Profile

Firas Fawzi Jirjees

فراس فوزي جرجيس

Erbil Technology College
Department of Survey and Road Construction Department
[email protected]
General Specialization
Civil Engineering
Specific Specialization
Civil Engineering (Structure/ Materials)
Erbil- Kurdistan region/Iraq Kirkuk Road


He started his academic career as an academic staff in the Road construction department at Erbil Technology institute-Kurdistan (ETI)/Erbil Polytechnic University since August 1st 2012 until now.

He graduated from the Engineering College at AL-Nahrain University in June 1994, granted B.Sc. degree in Civil Engineering with rank (2).

He graduated from the Engineering College at AL-Nahrain University in August 1997, granted M.Sc. degree in Civil Engineering (Structures)

He passed the course of “Methods of Instruction” organized by the Foundation of Technical Education – Erbil, Sept. 2012 with rank (1).

He was granted a scientific title (Assistant lecturer) effective from 22 November 2012 according to the Foundation of Technical Education-Erbil order No.11250 dated 9/12/2012.

He was granted a scientific title (lecturer) effective from 8 May 2019, according to Erbil Polytechnic University order No.6570 dated 19/8/20219.

He supervised the end year students’ projects as well as practical summer training for students.

In general, he is interested in concrete technology as material behaviour and structural performance. His research interests include using additive materials in production of structural concrete to enhance the sustainability, durability and eco-friendly performance of concrete structures.