Academic Profile

Dler Ahmad Hama

دلێر ئه‌حمه‌د حه‌مه‌

Assistant professor
Erbil Technical Management College
Department of Media
[email protected]
General Specialization
Literature and Journal
Specific Specialization
Design of News Paper
Erbil Administration college


Name: Dler Ahmed Hama

Born : 1976 / Sulaymaniyah


Educational attainment:

Bachelors  in Kurdish Language / Faculty of Arts / University of Salahuddin-Arbil (1998-1999)

Master of Kurdish Literature / Faculty of Arts / University of Salahaddin-Erbil (2002

Doctor in Literature and Journalism / Faculty of Languages ​​/ Salahuddin University-Erbil -2008)


Lecturer  in the Media Department at the Technical Institute / Erbil.

Since 2006 I have been studying (journalistic design) so far.

Head of Media Techniques Department  at the Faculty of Administrative Technology / Erbil



1- The Significance of Title Design in Regard to Attracting Reader’s Attention-Issue Numbers of January 2018 of Kurdistani New Newspaper). (20018)

2-The Effect of Technology in the Development of Journalistic Design-Khabat news paper as a sample.(2018)

3- Image Design Processes / Weekly Bass as a sample.(2019)

4-Designing The Front Page of the Khabat Newspaper and how To Highligh

The Topics.2022

5- Montage styles in the documentary program of kurdish satellite channels(k24)as an example-2023


Theoretical aspects of the design press.(2013)

پێشكه‌وتن پێشه‌نگی رۆژنامه‌گه‌ری و ئه‌ده‌بی كوردی(2020)