Academic Profile

Awara Kamal Saleh

ئاواره كمال صالح

Assistant professor
Erbil Technology College
Department of Construction and Materials Technology
[email protected]
General Specialization
Kurdish Literature and Language
Specific Specialization
Kurdish Literature - Novel
Erbil/Zanko Village


Awara Kamal Saleh is assistant prof. in Constrction & Materials Technoloy/Erbil Technology College, He had got a PhD. in  (Salahaddin University/College of  Education- 2020) i Kurdish Literature/Novel. He has got his master degree in Kurdish literature from (Salahaddin University) in 2010. He finished his bachelor degree in (Kurdish language and literature) in (Sulaimany University) in 1999. He got PhD. degree from (Salahaddin University) in 2020. Since the academic year of (2010-2011) he is teaching (Kurdology & Genocide) subject in various departments of Erbil Technology Institute. He is interested in the literature field and research about Kurdish language and other languages.