Academic Profile

Avan Asaad Othman

ئاڤان اسعد عثمان

Assistant Lecturer
Erbil Technical Management College
Department of Accounting
[email protected]
General Specialization
Accounting and Finance
Specific Specialization
Financial Accounting
Kurdistan- Erbil - Behind 18 Shubat Dormitory


I got a bachelor's degree in Accounting and finance techniques from Erbil Technical college in (2013)

I hold master's degree in Financial Accounting from Erbil Technical college - 2020 , my research was about  ( The possibility of applying accounting for sustainable Environment and its role in enhancing the quality of financial reporting / An applied study at Shamaran petroleum limited for exploration and oil extraction ).

I got the scientific tittle (assistant lecture ) from Erbil Polytechnic university in (2021)

Now I'm  as a university lecture and head of scientific unit at Erbil Technical Management college.