Academic Profile

Ahmad Nawzad Hassan

احمد نوزاد حسن

Erbil Technical Health and Medical College
Department of Medical Laboratory
[email protected]
General Specialization
Specific Specialization
Molecular Genetics
MLT Department-Erbil Technical Health and Medical College-Erbil Polytechnic University


    • I was born on May 07, 1983 in Erbil, Iraq. I finished my secondary school in Barzani Namr preparatory school in 2002, then i started my undergraduate study at the biology department-college of science-university of Salahaddin from 2002 to 2006 to obtain a bachelor's degree in science. Then I studied again at the translation department-college of languages-Salahaddin University from 2006-2010 to get a bachelor's degree in arts. I worked as a teaching assistant at the Medical Technical Institute until 2013, when I began my post-graduation studies to get a master's degree in biology (molecular genetics) in 2016 from the College of Science at Salahaddin University. I am currently a lecturer and a PhD student at the MLT department at Erbil Technical Health and Medical College-EPU.